pubblicato nel numero 2018 anno 3

Salvatore Capezzuto
logo rivista Turistica
The effectiveness of a Governance Model of Local Tourism Systems is strongly linked to the setting of appropriate organization processes regulating the active participation of private and public stakeholders in all phases of the strategic development process. The present work highlights the importance of collective participation for the realization of local development in harmony with the needs of all stakeholders. In particular, the general content of the integrated project is declined and a hypothesis of tourism development not necessarily linked to a specific territory is examined: the Tourist Metadistrict. The management model for the implementation of integrated tourism development actions is then identified; it is represented by a Municipal Office established ex art. 30 of Legislative Decree 267/2000 or by another Body with the necessary professional skills to coordinate the actions foreseen by the project, possibly
integrated also with the contribution of the private subjects that make up the Partnership.