pubblicato nel numero 2018 anno 3

Carmen Bizzarri, Margherita Pedrana
logo rivista Turistica
Religious tourism is one of the first forms of tourism. It can take very different forms, ranging from pilgrimage, to walking, to religious gatherings, to simply visiting places of worship. Religious tourism emphasizes that religious motivation is the fundamental element for this form of tourism. In the modern sense, religious tourism raises various problems from a social, organizational, economic and environmental point of view, not only for destination, but also for tourist demand. As other forms of tourism, it should be evaluated in a profile closely linked to environmental, social sustainability, without neglecting the economic one. The objective of this article is to give a sustainable connotation to religious tourism, observing this form of tourism from a modern perspective, with the themes and challenges that bind it to modern tourism. Another important topic raised by the text concerns professionalism and training, in particular with regard to not only tourist-architectural and historical skills, but also from the point of view of religious and spiritual accompaniment necessary during this type of tourist experience.