pubblicato nel numero 2021 anno 4

Romana Gargano
logo rivista Turistica
The aim of this research, based on a structured questionnaire, is to profile the tourists of the origins, explore their attachment to Italy, their cultural identity and the motivations related to their travels in the diaspora, identify a communication strategy and increase this tourism segment of niche that offers unique emotions and sensations.
In particular, the frequency and reasons for their travel, self-perception during their stay in Italy and their definition of “home” are investigated.
The study results show that trips to Italy are motivated by the desire to find cultural roots, relocate cultural identity, and visit relatives and friends.
Everyone has a good sense of belonging to the Italian culture and identity.
It also emerged that by demographic characteristics, experiences, and emotions, second-generation immigrants could be grouped into three clusters: nostalgic, explorers and lovers of Italian culture.