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TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION FIRST PART – STATISTICS AND ECONOMICS 1. Tourism in Italy 2. Tourism Trends in Italy 3. Tourism in the Italian Economy PART TWO – THE TOURISM BUSINESS AND HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY SYSTEM 1. The system of businesses 2. Transport in Italy PART THREE – COMPETITIVENESS, PRODUCTS & MARKETS 1. Image and competitiveness in the world and in the Mediterranean 2. Markets and Products PART FOUR – TOURISM, INSTITUTIONS AND POLICIES 1. The institutions and the national regulatory framework 2. International organisations: strategies and guidelines PART FIVE – PUBLIC SPENDING FOR TOURISM AND INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION NETWORKS 1. Public spending for tourism over the last decade 2. Regional Development Policy 2007 – 2013: Financial Resources for tourism – programmed and spent – some general considerations 3. International cooperation networks