pubblicato nel numero 2019 anno 4

Luisa Mich, Roberto Peretta
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The Dolomites are a UNESCO site, and probably the most beautiful mountain system in the world. Their mountain huts, particularly those along the Alta Via 1 Dolomiti (a 150-kilometre-long high-level trail), provide Alpine lovers with accommodation and assistance. Though internationally renowned, and despite their role in Italian tourism, the mountain huts in the Dolomites have been scarcely researched by the academia.
Even less studied has been their relation with the Web, which is an obvious
communication environment for any tourist service today. This paper is based on a systematic study on the web presence of the mountain huts along the Alta Via 1 Dolomiti during the summer of 2019. Results encourage their efforts to improve, suggest a better cooperation among the local administrations in the area, and call for financial support to the their web activities.