pubblicato nel numero 2019 anno 4

Bernadette lo Bianco, Elena Becheri
logo rivista Turistica
The concept of accessible tourism is very simple: to render services and tourist goods more accessible to people with different needs such as the elderly, children, mothers with strollers, people with disabilities, people who have difficulties walking and those who move in a wheelchair, people with limb limitations, people who see badly and feel badly, people with food or environmental intolerances.
They are many small groups but together they make a large group.
After mentioning the laws and regulations in force in Italy and in Europe, the article presents some data on the phenomenon from which it is clear that overall those who need special accessibility are estimated to be around one billion in the World, around 127 million in Europe and around 10 million in Italy.
In some ways, not a few of the people over 65 fall into this group, a group that has grown a lot in recent years.
The paper highlights its great economic value and as an emblematic model and best pratics it proposes the experience of the Sicily Tourism Association for all.