pubblicato nel numero 2016 anno 1/2

Nicolò Costa
logo rivista Turistica
Hospimobility is suggested as a new word born out of the blending of hospitality and mobility.
The purpose of the analysis is to show that tourism has developed between these two variables with large sociological implications because mobility is an essential part of people’s living style.
Italian cities can be managed in a way beneficial to residents if they accept hospimobility as a new form of modern city production system.
Tourism is not an independentphenomenon, it is not a sector of the urban economy but a blurred system with undefined borders. It can be analyzed and understood as long as it is.considered as a set of variables, quantitative and qualitative, where no universal laws can be fixed.
In short, even though tourism is a fluid concept with constant changes, it is not easy to manage. The paper suggests some keys to the understanding of this constant evolution.