pubblicato nel numero 2014 anno 3

Emilio Becheri, Ilaria Nuccio
logo rivista Turistica
This paper was presented in Milan, in pavilion quote Expo the July 17, 2014, and can be considered the first report of the residents in Italy for holiday: where and how Italians go on holiday abroad.
Thirty countries, who are in fact all major Italian destinations abroad, are considered.
In comparison with the general trend of arrivals or overnight stays recorded in that country, for each country, it was compiled a summary sheet indicating the arrivals or presence of Italian tourists during 2000-2013
To prepare these summaries used UNWTO and Eurostat data and data of the statistical offices of the various countries; necessarily we made some estimates.
It seems evident that, while increasing the overall movement abroad some destinations (countries) have lost their appeal as in the case of Cuba, while others have increased, such as in Turkey.
It is highlighted the difficulties of recent years in Egypt.