pubblicato nel numero 2018 anno 1/2

Emilio Becheri, Michela Ciccarelli
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The paper highlights some of the historical difficulties of Calabria, a region with great not utilized potential. It is the most seasonal of all Italian regions with the maximum ratio between the month with the maximum attendance and the one with the minimum (30.8), also has a reduced incidence of foreigners, only one in two hundred of those who come in Italy reaches Calabria. Foreign tourists in the region are about 22% compared to about 50,5% for the whole of Italy. To promote the development the two editors propose the further enhancement of seaside tourism together forms of slow tourism. The potentialities are really exceptional if it is true that Calabria with 703 km of bathing coast in 2016 sees 5.320m million overnight stays of foreigners, while Emilia Romagna, with only 108 km of swimming coast about 25 million, that is 6.6 more times. The social and economic context of the two regions is very different but the comparison seems useful.