pubblicato nel numero 2016 anno 3

Giuseppe Avena, Santina Pilato
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The museum as place for intercultural dialogue: a reality in an old Sicilian town.
The museum is an ancient institution and place of learning and intercultural dialogue, subject to changes in order to adapt to visitors’ expectations as well as to requirements from the outside.
Studies in this field aim at improving the quality of the service and at identifying the most effective ways to optimise the offer, to value it, introduce it and make it readily understandable, and to enhance its attractiveness to different groups of visitors.
Knowledge of the users can help the museum management from the point of view of the strategies and mid-long-term decisions, as well as with regard to the operational side.
It is all about encouraging the organization to share the existing information, opportunities, limits or restrictions.
The aim is to establish the approval rate of the end-users, in order to assess the weaknesses and the strengths that may have an impact on the customers’ satisfaction for the service offered.
A specific study was carried out and the results were treated with statistic methods using SWOT analysis and a logistic regression model.
The main feature is that knowing the visitors allows to enhance customer satisfaction and to improve the general quality of his experience.