pubblicato nel numero 2021 anno 1/2

Francesco Samà
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Tourism represents a sector of notable importance for the Italian economy, even though its potentiality, mostly in the ”Mezzogiorno”, are not fully exploited yet.
The regions belonging to the Mezzogiorno indeed absorb a small share of the tourist inflow directed to Italy (18% of arrivals and 20% of presences).
Calabria, despite the positive tendency over the last decade, still has a limited capacity to attract tourist compared to other southern regions.
This paper analyzes the tourist sector in Calabria, considering both the demand and the supply side, in the period 2010-2019 with the aim to provide some reflections about the possible development strategies.
The analysis identifies two main limits of the Calabrian touristic sector: the low attractiveness towards foreign demand and the high concentration of tourist flows in the summer months; both limits negatively affect the performance of firms in the sector and, in aggregate, impact on the added value and employment generated by the sector.