pubblicato nel numero 2020 anno 1/2

Gavino Maresu
logo rivista Turistica
Heritage Tourism: a macro-segment revaged by covid-19
The “Heritage Tourism” is the most damaged macro-segment by covid-19, because of weak interaction of its demand between consumers/spectators and actors/performers, and because of weak difficult to manage and make cultural tangible and intangible products (performing arts, events, museums, archaeology, festivals, folk tradictions etc..) in total safety enjoyable! The macro-segment of the heritage tourism includes all cultural tourism segments and niches such as “rural tourism”, “religious tourism”, “roorts tourism”, “experiential tourism”.
The impossibility of socialization inside the urban communities, endangers the
survival of cultural intangible and ethno-antropological heritage.
The paper suggests new ideas about marketing management, policies, promotion and communication strategies, to increase the value of the resources, the sights and cultural landscapes of the heritage tourism, and throw them again after pandemic.