pubblicato nel numero 2017 anno 1

Emilio Becheri
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New concept of s.p.a product creating and enhancing the brand
This article is the synthesis of a very documented research on spas in Italy focusing on the role of the spa brand. The research was carried out for the Terme d’Italia project, which included nine regions (Tuscany, Lombardy, PA of Bolzano, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Calabria, Apulia and Sicily). Tuscany was the region’s leader.
The research proposes a reading of the evolution of thermalism an d spa tourism in Italy, with a comparison with other European countries; a specific analysis is devoted to each of the nine regions.
This article puts particular emphasis on brand policies, and in particular collective brands, taking the example of beer production from the thirties of the last century, with many similarities to the case of spas and thermal well-being of today.
Is an analogy to be valued because beer producers managed to value the product for the entire population, even for women and the elderly who were previously excluded; Today’s thermal well-being should be valued not only for older people but also for young people and middJle age classes.