pubblicato nel numero 2012 anno 4

Maria Ruggieri, Sonia Attanasio, Giancarlo Fonseca
logo rivista Turistica
Keyword: Ethic, marketing, tourist sensory, multimedia tools, environmental factors, proximity marketing, tourism sector, privacy
Tourism sensorial, is environmental integrated factor with many instances that are the sensory, and tourism activities with the typical productions of the territory, developed in the cultural market of the agry-food system.
Environment is a factor of recently acquired for marketing thanks to the bio-economy and its reflections, equating integrated in the tourist system not only for industrial company.
Marketing, or rather the Ethic Sensorial Tourist Marketing is a real cultural- economic process environmentally friendly.
Needs with virtual instruments technically valid to induce the system environment and the territory of the existing system to be close to the modern consumer, not away from the traditions and from pre-existing culture.