pubblicato nel numero 2020 anno 4

Elena Bisiol, Lisa Dovico, Stefan Marchioro, Stefano Sisto, Mauro Giovanni Viti
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Starting from an overview of the evolution of the Observatories for tourism in various Italian regions, this work describes the conception and start of the federated regional tourism observatory of the Veneto region.
The Regional Tourism Observatory has been included in the wider Strategic
Framework for Tourism 2018-2020, which refers to the National Tourism Plan and to the European pillars. The Strategic Framework for Tourism is the result of an extensive consultation which involved more than 300 stakeholders of the regional tourism system. While designing the Plan, parties made it clear that the access to a collection of information, data and analyses to read the complex Tourism System was vital to understand current trends, latest available figures, volumes, economic and environmental impact, origin and profile of tourists. The Observatory is based on three key concepts:1) it is ruled by a governance system and a network of territorial actors, both providers and consumers of data; 2) the awareness that a lot of information equals no information 3) Data Agora: a virtual single platform for the ordered, organized and systematic collection of analyses and data on tourism.