pubblicato nel numero 2018 anno 4

Debora Calomino
logo rivista Turistica
The Italian way of life represents a model in the world. In the era of the tourism related to the unique and unrepeatable experience, the small characteristic villages live a new life: tourists especially foreigners are attracted by the atmosphere created by the smaller centers, made of simple hospitality, aromas and flavors linked to the past’s traditions. Italian villages represent a strong attraction, not easily replicable that allows to position themselves in the mind of tourist as a popular destination, where they can enjoy the best of the Italian way of life. Tourism in rural community is not linked to seasonality and it allows to improve the economic conditions of destinations considered as minor, today the fulcrum of the tourist experience. The authenticity of the villages is one of the features that arouses great interest in the imagination of foreign tourists who have the desire to experience moments of cheerfulness and truth, far from the usual tourist circuits.