pubblicato nel numero 2012 anno 4

Mara Manente, Danilo Ballanti, Roberto Pozzana
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The paper summarizes the results of a study carried out for the Italian Ministry of Finance aimed to identify competition/business models (MOB from the Italian version “Modelli di Business”) to orientate the industrial
policy towards the SMEs, within the Italian Hotel sector.
The Italian Hotel Sector is composed by over 33,500 units which represent the 26% of the total means of accommodation and 47% of the total bed
The structure of the sector is still characterized by a large number of small dimension units with a family-based management, an average number of 8 employees per firm and an average gross revenue of 500.000€ per year.
Only 0.8% of the firms produce a gross revenue exceeding 5 million €, while 40% is grouped within the range from 250,000 to 1,000.000.