pubblicato nel numero 2020 anno 1/2

Fabrizio Antolini
logo rivista Turistica
The impact of Covid-19 will not only be economical, having also an impact on people's lifestyles. Since tourism represents the "willingness to live an experience", this sector will be involved in both aspects. Moreover, the economic effects, described using the scenario method, are embedded in a weak European and global economic context.
Forecasts of the Covid-19 trend, made at national level, as well as the "dangerous index" obtained from the ratio between deaths-healed, show that the situation is only slowly improving. However, medical and therapeutic progress is a prerequisite for the scenarios provided to imagine what the economic effects of Covid-19 could be on tourism. Moreover, all the scenarios (high, medium, low) consider a partial revitalisation of the economies and of tourism sector. The Covid-19 has produced the negation of the physical movement of people, representing a blow to the heart for tourism sector. This aspect must be removed as soon as possible, because with this disease we will have to learn to live together for a long period of time