pubblicato nel numero 2021 anno 3

Giovanni Ruggieri, Angela Spoto
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According to scientific literature, there is a gap in the statistical analysis of tourism due to missing data or poorly structured statistical information production services.
This information, which can be classified as public goods, is currently managed by the public sector and national statistical systems.
This article aims to deepen, in the literature, the main dimensions for the analysis of tourism divided into themes and subcategories.
Using the analysis methodology with the Leximancer software, content analysis was carried out on 202 scientific articles extracted from international literature through a selection of keywords of over 700 terms.
The study returns to the thematic dimensions most frequently dealt with by the scientific literature, showing the principal themes used, the subcategories, and the relationships between them.
Finally, the article shows how statistical information in tourism is anchored only to a few families of statistical macro-indicators and how more complex and articulated systems of monitoring, analysis and forecasting of tourism are needed, providing for more effective, efficient tourism policies that can plan and ensure sustainable development and growth plans