pubblicato nel numero 2016 anno 1/2

Emilio Valdameri
logo rivista Turistica
Real Estate and hotels
With reference to hospitality, the Italian tourist industry has to face many difficulties
Problems are due to the small size of many hotels as well as to the increasing scattered competition from various forms of private accommodation holiday rentals.
In order to enhance their competitiveness, the “standard” hotels must adjust to the times getting refurbished and updating their services so as to stand out for their quality.
There seem to be two possible ways to achieve such improvement: either affiliate with one of the many world-famous hotel brands, that are collecting customers even at the cheapest end of the market, or create their own identity and aim straight on the network.
The keywords of today’s marketers are; in-room entertainment, self-catering, high-speed wi-fi, web-reputation, social-media, mobile-application, millennial-travellers