Sinergie, Italian Journal of Management, invites authors to submit their research papers that analyze different aspects of management, social responsibility and sustainability in tourism.

This special issue welcomes qualitative, quantitative and mixed approaches in the tourism management studies field.

The involvement of international scholars as co-authors would be highly appreciated.

Download the Call for papers for Sinergie Special issue

The ITS PINTA Foundation will launch two ITS courses on 25 November 2019. ITS courses (approved by the Calabria Region) are:
superior technician for food and wine tourism (made together with the regional wine shop Casa dei Wines of Calabria)
superior technician for the online sale of agri-food products (e-commerce)

Each course lasts about two years and involves 1800 hours, of which 1000 hours between classroom and workshops and 800 hours of internships in the company.

The ITS courses are equal to the university’s biennial and therefore it will be enough to attend only one year of university in order to acquire the three-year degree.

At the end of the Course, the Pinta will issue the following titles:
graduate diploma of Superior Technician which is the title for access to public competitions;
– English language certification B1;

If the participant is under 29, there is the possibility of entering the workforce with a contract apprenticeship.

Places are available for students and experienced teachers, who are interested can contact Francesco Torchia for more information.

In 2020 the Tourism Intelligence Forum (t-Forum) will be organizing its 3rd Global Conference, to be held in Algarve – Portugal, from 18-21 March 2020.
Entitled Breaking Old Barriers for a New World: Mobilizing Tourism Intelligence to Survive, this conference seeks to build bridges and communication between academic, industry and NGO stakeholders/sectors. There will be a number of round table discussion, keynote talks, parallel sessions, and workshops. See more at:

To join the event, submit a proposal until 30 October. Abstracts (500 words) should be submitted through this link.

The t-Forum 2020 offers great opportunities to publish your paper and awards for the 7 best papers presented at the conference!

The t-Forum 2020 is present in the following dissemination channels: