Palazzo Ciampoli - Taormina
Rimini arco d'Augusto
Messina - Taormina 2023
Bergamo 2021
Rimini 2020
Cosenza 2019
Pistoia 2017
San Marino 2016
Foggia 2015
Roma 2014
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SISTUR activity updates are also available in RSS format, so you can stay informed about SISTUR activities and events using this system.

You can access the RSS channel using the player of your choice, your reader will notify you of the publication of new news on the site showing you a preview and the direct link to the page of the site containing the full news.

The address to access the SISTUR RSS feed is

A guide on the Microsoft Office Support site explains how to add RSS feeds to Microsoft Outlook

For more information on RSS feeds, read the article published on Wikipedia