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The Italian Society of Tourism Sciences (SISTUR) wants to propose itself as a place, or space (ideal, virtual but also physical), to compare and deepen many issues related to tourism in Italy. It brings together scholars and professionals in the tourism sector in order to promote and disseminate studies on the themes of tourism sciences, both nationally and internationally. It operates in a number of fields, aiming to define with scientific rigour a broad and interdisciplinary field. It aims to create a network between scholars and operators, to weave a fruitful dialogue that witnesses a commitment so that tourism really constitutes an employment and development opportunity in our country.

Scholars from fifteen different Italian universities, representatives of Associations and institutions working in the sector have already joined SISTUR.

SISTUR’s programme of activities includes numerous initiatives such as conferences, seminars and research projects. Planned initiatives include the establishment of a Scholarship for young graduates or tourism professionals for research projects on specific issues (economic-corporate, literary, anthropological) and other activities to contribute to the training of operators in the tourism sector.